Ed Matteo & Jie Zhang at 9th CCS Conference

Ed Matteo and Jie Zhang made presentations at the 9th Annual Conference on Carbon Capture & Sequestration May 10 - 13, 2010 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Ed’s talk was entitled, Understanding Boundary Condition Effects on the Corrosion Kinetics of Class H Well Cement, by Edward N. Matteo, George W. Scherer, and Bruno Huet. It was highlighted by a time-lapse video showing corrosion of cement by carbonic acid. That technique yields high-quality kinetic data showing that the reaction is diffusion controlled, and indicating the dependence of the rate on pH. Jie’s poster was entitled, A Novel Method for Measuring Permeability of Shale by Jie Zhang, Karambir Khangoora, George W. Scherer, and Rusty Riese. It described her study of the permeability of shale by the beam-bending method, which permits the extremely low (nanodarcy) permeability of various shales to be measured accurately in a few hours.

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