Hope Connolly

Hi, my name is Hope Connolly and I am a senior at Princeton University, in the fall of 2008.  I am majoring in Chemical Engineering with a focus on Environmental Technology, and getting a certificate in Environmental Studies.  For my senior thesis, I will be working on a problem related to the feasibility of injecting CO2 into exhausted petroleum reservoirs. The CO2 mixes with water underground to make carbonic acid. The old wells (which had been used to extract the petroleum) were filled with cement when they were abandoned, so there might be a risk of leakage, if the cement is corroded by the acid. We will be characterizing the properties of corroded cement to provide input for a computer model of the leakage process.

I’ll be working together with Ed Matteo.

This is part of the CMI project at Princeton

This is a sample of cement corroded by carbonic acid (from the thesis of Andrew Duguid). We will study the structure and properties of the corroded layers.

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