Mr. Fuyuan Gong

Fuyuan Gong - Version 2

Fuyuan Gong

Visiting Student Research Collaborator

Dept. Civil & Env. Eng.

Eng. Quad. E-226


 Project: Effect of fly ash on frost resistance of concrete

     My current work is focused on the freezing behavior of fly ash concrete, which is part of a project funded by NIST (currently being done by Dr. Priscilla Fonseca). This is a collaborative project by several institutions to understand comprehensively the nature of concrete with fly ash. One of the targets is to investigate the effect of fly ash on the frost resistance. From DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimeter) data, we can the amount of ice formed as a function of temperature, and then the stress and strain can be calculated by a poromechanical analysis. This predicted result can also be compared with the direct measurement using DMA (Dynamic mechanical analyzer). By using this kind of study, the influence of fly ash on the freezing behavior can be analyzed.


     I joined Prof. Scherer’s group as a visiting student research collaborator in August 2012. I’m currently a Master candidate in the Division of Engineering and Policy for Sustainable Environment in Hokkaido University, Japan. My master research work is on frost damage and its numerical simulation of concrete materials. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Hydraulic Engineering from Tsinghua University, China in June 2011.


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