Former Independent Project

  • 2006 

Pippa Duffus (visiting from Oxford University)     Buckling of clay-bearing stone


“Swelling damage mechanism for clay-bearing sandstones”, P. Duffus, T. Wan-gler, and G.W. Scherer. Proc. 11th Int. Cong. Deterioration and Conservation of Stone (Nicolaus Copernicus University Press, Torun, Poland, 2008) Vol. I, pp. 65-72

“Flaw propagation and buckling in clay-bearing sandstones”, T.P. Wangler, A. Stratulat, P. Duffus, J.-H. Prévost, G.W. Scherer, Environ. Earth Sci. 63 [7-8] (2011) 1565-1572

  • 2008 

Joshua Muketha     Permeability of Shale

  • 2009

Stephanie Bachas‐Daunert     Environmental Impact at Tarragona: A Detailed Review of Thermal Expansion and Salt Crystallization on Roman Ruins in Spain

Jeffrey Campbell     pH Effects on the Morphology of Hydroxyapatite Coatings grown on Calcite Crystals

  • 2010

Jeffrey Campbell     Investigation of Strontium Substitution into Hydroxyapatite Crystals Grown on Calcite: Minimizing Lattice Mismatch to Maximize Hydroxyapatite Coating Adherence

Madeleine Douglas     Hydroxyapatite as a Coupling Agent to Improve the Efficiency of Silicate Consolidants on Calcitic Stones

  • 2011

Sarah Adams     A comprehensive examination of the algae biofuels industry

Mary Balzer     Protection of marble from acid rain

  • 2012

Jennifer Kim     Preventing Salt Scaling

  • 2013

Emily Stinson   Optimal Packing of Binary Spheres


Sarah Wang    Formation of Nonporous Calcium Oxalate for Calcite Protection

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