Fuyuan Gong's Publications


F. Gong, E. Sicat, T. Ueda. Estimation of pore size distribution of cement-based materials by using water adsorption isotherms, Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on the Durability of Concrete Structures, 2012 (in press)

F. Gong, E. Sicat, T. Ueda. Mesoscopic deterioration model for mortar under freezing and thawing cycles, Proceedings of the First International Conference on Performance-based and Life-cycle Structural Engineering,2012 (in press)

E. Sicat, F. Gong, H. Fujimura, T. Ueda. Degradation of the coefficient of thermal expansion of freeze-thaw cycle (FTC) damaged mortar, Proceedings of the 5th International Conference of Asian Concrete Federation,2012 (in press)

SHI Jian, GUO Bo, GONG Fuyuan, HE Xiaogang, LI Danxun, Bias error induced by concentration gradient in sediment-laden flow measurement, Advance in Water Science, Vol. 22, 2011(1)

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