Melanie Webb McAllister

Melanie Webb McAllister

Dept. Chem. & Bio. Eng.

Princeton University

Princeton, NJ 08544 USA

Project: Using molecular dynamics to study the behavior of liquids in nanometric pores

I am a graduate student in the Chemical Engineering department and joined the Scherer group in January of 2004.  I am working on computer simulations of salt solutions using molecular dynamics.  I work closely with the group of Professor Garofalini at Rutgers University who has expertise in the area of confined fluids and glassy materials.  With their help, I plan to use the potentials we develop for the salts with the improved water potential they have already developed to study the behavior of a salt solution confined between a salt crystal and a mineral surface.

     For the last few years, Melanie has been at home with her husband, Scott, raising a daughter and chipping away at her thesis. 

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