Former Senior Theses

  • 2014

Chelsea Cioffi:  Effectiveness of Hydroxyapatite in Preventing Salt Damage in Weathered Limestone

Jennifer Kim: Effects of ammonium phosphate as a consolidating agent on cementitious surfaces 

Eric Teitelbaum: Evaporative Cooling on Building Surfaces Through a Microporous Hydrophobic Membrane

  • 2013

Sarah AdamsThe Optimization and Analysis of Plasma-Assisted Combustion from a Technical and Economic Perspective

Jeremy Blair: The mechanism of acid attack on marble and a comparison of surface treatments for improved acid attack resistance

Ryan Gallagher: Sustainable Design: Building management systems and energy usage verification

Thomas Mbise: Effect of carbon-contaminated Class F fly ash on hydration kinetics of cement paste

Elizabeth O'Grady: Damping Ratio of Polyethylene Terephthalate for Use in Pedestrian Rope Bridges

  • 2012  

Ana Alvarez: The Synthesis of Artificial Stone using Hydroxyapatite

  • 2011    

Elizabeth Nadelman: Controlling Nucleation of Ice in Air-Entrained Mortars

  • 2010    

Joshua Muketha: Carbon dioxide sequestration: The role of cement durability 

Karambir Khangoora: An Analysis of the Permeability and Microstructure of Shale 

Stephanie Bachas-Daunert: Environmental Impact at Tarragona: A Detailed Review of Thermal Expansion and Salt Crystallization on Roman Ruins in Coastal Spain 

  • 2009    

Ararimeh I. Aiyejina: Surface Treatments for Reducing Damage caused by Salt Crystallization: Characterization of Polymer Adsorption on Calcite 

Hope Connolly: The Characterization of Class H Cement For Application in Oil Well CO2 Sequestration Systems

Lucas Alejandro Giron: Cement Permeability and the Effects of Drying and Resaturation

Emily Weissinger: Characterization of Early Cement Hydration: A Multifaceted Approach to Finding the Setting Time

     “Monitoring Chemical Shrinkage Using Pressure Sensors”, S. Peethamparan, E. Weissinger, J. Vocaturo, J. Zhang, and G.W. Scherer, ACI Special Proceedings in CD on Advances in the Material Science of Concrete , SP-270, 2010,  pp. 77-88

     “Early hydration and setting of oil well cement”, J. Zhang, E.A. Weissinger, S. Peethamparan, G.W. Scherer, Cement Concr. Res. 40 (2010) 1023–1033 

  • 2008    

Ioannis Avramides: Deterioration of the Stone Exterior of Edwards Hall

Dorie Golkin: Heating up the Art World: A structural and visual analysis of the Solomon R. Guggenheim  Museum 

Gregory Hiller: Autogenous Healing of Engineered Cementitious Composite Under Sustained Load

Megan McNall: Controlling crystallization Pressure by Surface Modification

     “The chemomechanics of sodium sulfate crystallization in thenardite impregnat-ed limestones during re-wetting”, R.M. Espinosa-Marzal, A. Hamilton, M. McNall, K. Whitaker, and G.W. Scherer, J. Mater. Res. 26 [12] (2011) 1472-1481

  • 2007    

Caitlin Puklin: Effect of drying and resaturation on permeability of cement paste

  • 2005    

Greg Simmons: Thermopermeametry of sand mortars

     “Thermal Expansion and Viscosity of Confined Liquids”, S. Xu, G.C. Simmons and G.W. Scherer, pp. 85-91 in Dynamics of Small Confining Systems, Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. Vol. 790, eds. J.T. Fourkas, P. Levitz, M. Urbakh, K.J. Wahl (Materials Res. Soc., Warrendale, 2004), P.6.8.1-7

     “New Methods to Measure Liquid Permeability in Porous Materials”, G.W. Scherer, J. J. Valenza II, and G. Simmons, Cement Concr. Res. 37 (2007) 386–397

     “Transport of Water in Small Pores”, S. Xu, G.C. Simmons, T.S. Mahadevan, G.W. Scherer, S.H. Garofalini, C. Pacheco, Langmuir 25 [9] (2009) 5084-5090

Sean Vitousek: The mechanisms of salt swelling in cement

     “Expansion of hardened cement paste in saline solutions”, J.J. Valenza II, S. Vitousek, and G.W. Scherer, pp. 207-212 in Creep, Shrinkage and Durability of Concrete and Concrete Structures, ed. G.Pijaudier-Cabot, B. Gérard, P. Acker (Hermes, London, 2005)

  • 2004    

Tommy Mandecki: Characterization of cements used in geological sequestration of carbon dioxide

     “Durability of well cements: corrosion by carbonic acid”, A. Duguid, M. Radonjic, R.  Bruant, T. Mandecki, G.W. Scherer, Proceedings of the 107th annual meeting of the American ceramics society, April 10-13, 2005, The American Ceramics Society, Westerville, Ohio.

Drew Kumpf: The relationship between pore structure and ice growth rate in hardened Portland cement paste

     “Kinetics of Ice Growth in Concrete”, Z. Sun, D. Kumpf, and G.W. Scherer, paper W4-07.1 in Proc. 12th Int. Cong. Cement Chemistry, eds. J.J. Beaudoin, J.M. Makar, L. Raki (National Research Council of Canada, Montreal, Canada, 2007) ISBN 978-0-660-19695-4

Melanie Velo-Simpson: Falling apart: Understanding the damage mechanism of Bollingen and Krauchthal stone

     “Particle-modified consolidants: A study on the effect of particles on sol-gel properties and consolidation effectiveness”, C. Miliani, M.L. Velo-Simpson, G.W. Scherer,  J. Cult. Herit. 8 (2007) 1-6

  • 2003    

Chris Bobko: Early age permeability, stress relaxation, and creep in cement pastes with fly ash

Jean-Paul Ciardullo: Thermopermeametry for permeability measurements of cementitious materials

     “Thermal expansion kinetics: Method to measure permeability of cementitious materials: IV, Effect of thermal gradients”, J.P. Ciardullo, D.J. Sweeney, and G.W. Scherer, J. Am. Ceram. Soc. 88 [5] (2005) 1213–1221

Jason Houck: Stone is forever: Polymer coatings that prevent stone deterioration caused by salt crystallization


  • 2002    

Megan Higgins: Building Conservation: Analysis & control of swelling clays

     “Hygric Swelling of Portland Brownstone”, I. Jimenez Gonzalez, M. Higgins, and G.W. Scherer, pp. 21-27 in Materials Issues in Art & Archaeology VI, MRS Symposium Proc. Vol. 712, eds. P.B. Vandiver, M. Goodway, and J.L. Mass (Materials Res. Soc., Warrendale, PA, 2002)

Cecelia Moreira: The structural response to seismic excitation and the effectiveness of chemical consolidation treatment in adobe structures: Mission dolores, California

Kim Small: Analysis of the material performance of fast-setting cement-concretes in Air Force rapid runway repair operations

Laura Tangeman: Modifying salt-mineral interfaces

  • 2001    

Matilde Acerra: Art Conservation: The consolidation of stone

     “Rheology optimization of Particle Modified Consolidants”, E. Aggelakopoulou, P. Charles, M.E. Acerra,  A.I.  Garcia, R.J. Flatt, and G.W. Scherer, pp.15-20 in Materials Issues in Art & Archaeology VI, MRS Symposium Proc. Vol. 712, eds. P.B. Vandiver, M. Goodway, and J.L. Mass (Materials Res. Soc., Warrendale, PA, 2002)

Nerissa Alleyne: Art Conservation: Testing interfacial surface energies

Graham Elliott: Strength optimization of low-density mortars

Lindsay Karfeld: Increasing the mechanical efficiency of silica gels

  • 2000    

Matthew Gill: Encapsulation of beta-galactosidase in silica nanoparticles

Matt Escalante: Protecting monuments against deterioration

     “Particle-modified Consolidants”, M.R. Escalante, R. Flatt, G.W. Scherer, D. Tsiourva, and A. Moropoulou, pp. 425-429 in Protection and Conservation of the Cultural Heritage of the Mediterranean Cities, eds. E. Galán and F. Zezza (Balkema, Lisse, The Netherlands, 2002)

     “Compatible consolidants from particle-modified gels”, M.R. Escalante, J. Valenza, and G.W. Scherer, pp. 459-465 in Proc. 9th Int. Cong. Deterioration and Conservation of Stone, Vol. 2, ed. V. Fassina (Elsevier, Amsterdam, 2000)

  • 1999    

Lia Gustafson: Polymer applications in stone: An attempt to decrease deterioration due to salt crystallization

Donovan Quinn: Deformation behavior of polyacrylic acid gels in applied electric fields

Kevin Roberts: Oil well cement: A comprehensive attempt to improve performance

  • 1998    

Akin Akinc: Synthesis and characterization of L3 phase templated silicate gels

Jeff Chen: Frost protection in concrete by ice nucleating active microshells

Mary Yang: Stone consolidant properties of low shrinkage silica gels with dispersed colloidal particles

     “Compatible Consolidants”, M. Yang, G.W. Scherer, and G.S. Wheeler, pp. 201-208 in Compatible Materials for the Protection of European Cultural Heritage, eds. G. Biscontin, A. Moropoulou, M. Erdik, J. Delgado Rodrigues, PACT 56 (Tech. Chamber Greece, Athens, 1998)

  • 1997    

Wing-pin Kwan: Heterogeneity in Concrete: Microstructure and variability in elastic modulus

Paul Morrissey: The effect of curing method on the compressive strength and composition of concrete

Shawn Ryan: The elastic properties and permeability of low density silica gels

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