Inmaculada Jiménez González Publications

Conference Proceedings, Journals, and Book Chapters:

“Hygric Swelling of Portland Brownstone”, I. Jimenez Gonzalez, M. Higgins, and G.W. Scherer, pp. 21-27 in Materials Issues in Art & Archaeology VI, MRS Symposium Proc. Vol. 712, eds. P.B. Vandiver, M. Goodway, and J.L. Mass (Materials Res. Soc., Warrendale, PA, 2002)

“Effect of swelling inhibitors on the swelling and stress relaxation of clay-bearing stones”, I. Jiménez González and G.W. Scherer, Environmental Geology 46 (2004) 364–377

“Characterization of Swelling in Clay-Bearing Stone”, G.W. Scherer and I. Jiménez González, pp. 51-61 in Stone decay and conservation, SP-390, ed. A.V. Turkington (Geological Soc. Am., 2005)

“Evaluating the potential damage to stones from wetting and drying cycles”, I. Jiménez González and G.W. Scherer, pp. 685-693 in Measuring, Monitoring and Modeling Concrete Properties, ed. M.S. Konsta-Gdoutos (Springer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, 2006) 

“Swelling clays and salt crystallization: Damage mechanisms and the role of consolidants”, G.W. Scherer and I. Jiménéz Gonzalez, pp. 29-39 in Proc. Int. Symp. Stone consolidation in cultural heritage, eds. J. Delgado Rodrigues and J. Manuel Mimoso (Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil, Lisbon, 2008) ISBN 978-972-49-2135-8

“The role of clay minerals in the physico-mechanical deterioration of sandstone”, I. Jiménez González, C. Rodríguez-Navarro, and G.W. Scherer, J. Geological Res. 113, F02021, doi:10.1029/2007JF000845

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