Sulapha Peethamparan

Sulapha Peethamparan

Research Interests

My expertise and research interests are mainly in the areas of utilization of industrial by-products as substitutes for the conventional construction materials, physicochemical behavior of CKD and lime-treated clays, cement chemistry, characterization of cement based materials, petrography of concrete, alkali-silica reaction, delayed ettringite formation in concrete, corrosion of steel in concrete, corrosion inhibitors, carbonation of concrete, chloride migration in concrete and high performance concrete.

Currently, I am working on early age hydration behavior of cement paste to propose methodologies for controlling the setting time under oil well conditions.


Sulapha joined Prof. Scherer’s group as a postdoctoral research associate in 2007. She received her PhD in civil engineering materials in December 2006 from Purdue University, West Lafayette. Her doctoral research work was on analyzing the effectiveness of CKDs as clay stabilizing materials with primary focus on understanding the mechanism of CKD-clay interactions. Sulapha received master’s degrees in Civil Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India in 1997 and from National University of Singapore, Singapore in 2000


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