Eric Teitelbaum

Senior, Chemical & Biological Engineering

Senior Thesis Project: Evaporative Cooling of Buildings

     My name is Eric Teitelbaum. I am a senior in the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department, and also enrolled in the Environmental Studies certificate program. My senior thesis research, co-advised by Professors George Scherer and Forrest Meggers, is on hydrophobic porous membranes and associated novel evaporative cooling applications. I am developing mathematical models to predict a membrane's ability to cool a building based on parameters such as porosity, pore diameter, and membrane thickness, with the eventual goal of developing suitable architectural applications for these devices. 

     This project is particularly exciting to me because of my carpentry background and interest in green building technology. A class project of mine is assessing various environmentally friendly components of a building retrofit here on campus. I am also involved in the Better Building Case Competition, a project sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy where students compete to create energy efficient solutions to assigned building problems. Outside of academics and building, I am an amateur plant and fern enthusiast, and enjoy crosswords in my free time!


Eric successfully defended his thesis on May 6, 2014

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