Peethamparan Publications

“Effect of pressure on early hydration of class H and white cement”, G.W. Scherer, G.P. Funkhouser, and S. Peethamparan, Cement Concr. Res. 40 (2010) 845–850

“Monitoring Chemical Shrinkage Using Pressure Sensors”, S. Peethamparan, E. Weissinger, J. Vocaturo, J. Zhang, and G.W. Scherer, ACI Special Proceedings in CD on Advances in the Material Science of Concrete , SP-270, 2010,  pp. 77-88

“Early hydration and setting of oil well cement”, J. Zhang, E.A. Weissinger, S. Peethamparan, G.W. Scherer, Cement Concr. Res. 40 (2010) 1023–1033

Conference Proceedings, Journals and Book Chapters: (Prior to Princeton)

Peethamparan, S., Olek, J., and Helfrich, K. E. (2006) "Evaluation of the Engineering Properties of Cement Kiln Dust (CKD) Modified Kaolinite Clay." The Twenty-First International Conference on Solid Waste Technology and Management, March 26-29, 2006, Philadelphia, Widener University, PA, pp. 997-1006.

Peethamparan, S., Olek, J., “A Study on the Effectiveness of Cement Kiln Dusts (CKDs) in Stabilizing Na-montmorillonite Clay”, accepted for publication in ASCE Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering

Olek. J Peethamparan, S. “Cement Kiln Dusts and its Hydration Products –A characterization Study” paper to be presented in 12th International Congress on the Chemistry of cement, Canada, Montreal , July8-13, 2007

Peethamparan, S., Olek, J. and Lovell, J. “Influence of chemical and physical characteristics of cement kiln dusts (CKDs) on their hydration behavior and potential suitability for soil stabilization” accepted for publication in Cement and Concrete Research Journal

Peethamparan, S., Olek, J., “Mechanism of cement kiln dust (CKD)- montmorillonite clay stabilization”, paper submitted to the Cement and Concrete Research Journal

Sulapha, P., Wong, S. F., Wee, T. H., and Swaddiwudhipong, S., “Carbonation of concrete containing mineral admixtures,” Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, 2003, volume 15, No.2, pp134-143

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