Prof. Stefan Jacobsen

Stefan Jacobsen

Stefan Jacobsen is visiting our group for a year (Sept 2012 - Aug 2013)

Eng. Quad. E-314

Project: Frost resistance of concrete

     My work at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) includes teaching and research in Concrete Materials/Concrete Technology, lecturing in the basic building materials course for undergraduates, as well as giving a master- and a PhD- course on Concrete technology. Research includes fresh concrete and concrete at low temperatures, as well as materials structure at micro- and nano levels and relation to material properties. I supervise 2 PhD students on fresh concrete: Ya Peng has developed a Hydrostatic Pressure Test for bleeding and sedimentation studies of fresh paste and matrix; Industrial PhD student Roland Cepuritis works with development of crushed aggregates and mainly their physical effects on rheology.  I am the co-supervisor of two PhD students. Mohammad Hajmohammadian Baghban (Cementitious nano‐composites with low thermal, conductivity - A study on thermal‐, mechanical‐ and water transport properties) works with Transient Plane Source measurements in an investigation of the effect of moisture on thermal conductivity of varying cement pastes and will defend his PhD on 2nd of November 2011. Egil Møen is working on ice abrasion on concrete structures and has worked on developing an ice-abrasion testing laboratory at our department in cooperation with industry. 

     My other interests include: 

Concrete proportioning: packing, use of fibres, relation to rheology, and static yield-stress build up during the first hours (measurement conditions, effects of materials). 

Concrete exposed to low temperatures and consequences thereof, and 

Cement based materials for various low temperature conditions (ice and concrete, freeze/thaw under varying conditions, storage of LNG, flow of moisture and heat, pore structure, air entrainment, ice formation, deformations, surface damage, internal cracking).

     I am a member of ISO TC 71/SC8 “Environmental management for concrete and concrete structures”, Rilem TC- FPC Formwork pressure, the Norwegian Concrete Association and  the Concrete Innovation Centre (Disciplinary responsible materials).  

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