Former Grad Students

  • Wilasa Vichit-Vadakan, PhD 2002

      Measuring permeability, Young’s modulus, and Stress Relaxation by the Beam-Bending Technique


  • Hang-Shing Ma, PhD 2002

      Aggregation-Structure-Elasticity Relationship of Gells


  • John Valenza, PhD 2005

      Mechanism for Salt Scaling


  • Andrew Duguid, PhD 2006

      The Effect of Carbonic Acid on Well Cements


  • Olivier Abellan, MSE 2007

      Transport in Porous Matrices: An Application of the Phase Field Method

  • Inmaculada Jiménez González, PhD 2008 (University of Granada)

      Effect of wetting and drying cycles on the deterioration of clay-bearing stones


  • Timothy Wangler, PhD 2009

       Conservation of Clay-Bearing Stones: Understanding the Swelling and Damage Mechanisms


  • Melanie Webb

      Thesis not submitted


  • Zhenhua Sun, PhD 2010

       Mechanism of Frost Damage to Concrete


  • Edward Matteo, PhD 2011

      Assessing Wellbore Integrity During Carbon Sequestration in Depleted Oil Reservoirs


  • Meg McNall, MSE 2011

      Mitigation of Crystallization Pressure through Surface Modification

  • Sonia Naidu, PhD 2014

      Novel hydroxyapatite coatings for the conservation of marble and limestone


  • Lori Tunstall, PhD 2016

       A study of surfactant interaction in cement-based systems and the role of surfactant in frost protection


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