Zhihua Wang

Research Interests

Prior to joining Professor Scherer’s team, I had been working on thermal analysis of structures in fire conditions since 2002. I am currently involved in developing the computational models for the carbon mitigation project. One feasible way to reduce atmospheric emission of the main greenhouse gas, CO2, is to inject it into abandoned oil wells. The efficiency of sequestration is largely dependent on prevention of the escape of CO2 back to the surface. In particular, I am focused on investigation of the mechanism of possible CO2 leakage through degraded cement plugs in abandoned petroleum fields. This is part of the Carbon Sequestration program, in which I am working directly with Prof. Jean Prévost, Dr. Dick Fuller, and Dr. Bruno Huet. We are modeling the rate of corrosion of cement in an oil well exposed to carbonated brine, using the experimental results of Andrew Duguid.

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